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After years of pouncing on other people’s dogs and showering them with affection (whether they wanted it or not), I finally got my very own dog – a black Chow Chow named Wicks. Yup, that's a picture of me and my darling dog. Isn't he amazing? For the record, I also smothered Wicks with endless love (whether he wanted it or not).  I experienced first hand the joy an animal can bring to your life and the unconditional love your pet is ready, willing and always able to give.  Owning a dog only intensified my love for canines, and I continued to cuddle any dog I encountered. I ultimately decided it was time to channel that love into something productive for the general public and I'm available to walk your beloved pooch and make him or her feel as loved as you do. Besides being a huge dog lover, I'm also a writer and actor who graduated from the University of Delaware’s Honors Program with a degree in Accounting, though I hope to never use my degree again. Let's go Yankees!

Gizmo says hello and she hopes we hear from you soon!!