There's no better recommendation than when it comes straight from the horse's mouth (or in this case, the doggies' mouths):
Nicole P. says (8/13/2014)
Dina and her team have only been walking my baby, Arya for a few months but I feel like I've known them for years!  Dina is really personable and so great with our dog.  From the minute she met Arya they had a connection and when we see Dina on the street, Arya gets so happy! 

I know Arya is in good hands with Liberty Walkers.  We get text updates daily and an occasional picture (which always makes my day).  We have an activity tracker for our dog (not check up on them at all...we just think it's interesting info) and it shows that she always gets her full 30 minute walk.  

I would definitely recommend Liberty Walkers to anyone needs a walker for their furry baby!

Pierre K. says (7/26/2014)
To say Dina and her crew of walkers are amazing would be an absolute  understatement!  They're the greatest and my lady and me consider Dina and company family.  The hardest part of owning a dog for me is having to leave the puppy to go to work or any other prior engagement.  With Liberty Dog Walkers,  I have no worries at all!  My dog actually loves hanging with walkers and gets crazy excited when he sees them.   My life has become so much less stressful with Dina watching over my pup.  I suggest liberty dog walkers for ANYONE with a new puppy or older dog.  They're reliable and always taking care of our every need.  The greatest thing is how great they are at working with our crazy scheduling.   If it was possible I'd give Liberty Dog Walkers ten stars!

Evangeline K. says (9/21/2014)
I can't say enough kind words about Liberty Dog Walkers or the amazingly kind staff!! All of the walkers are extremely kind and genuine animal lovers! The staff is consistently prompt and always informative about my dogs when they are in their care.  I always receive updates and pictures from their walks! In addition, my dogs absolutely love each dog walker!  The woman who runs the company, Dina, is one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met! She absolutely loves animals and takes tremendous care in the work she does!! If I even say Dina's name, both of my dogs bark and go to the door awaiting her arrival!  I couldn't recommend a better company to take care of your pets! They will be in wonderful hands and you won't have a single worry (except that your animals may fall head over heals in love with their new friend!)

Diane G. says: (12/5/2013)

Dina has been walking my little baby for the past 3 years since the first week he was allowed to be out as a puppy. She has always taken such good care of him as if he was her own. Through the years and as her business has grown (as it should cause she is fabulous) she has added Marcy and Maggie to her business. I didn't think there could be others that loved my Boogie the way that Dina did but I was wrong. Both of them are just as amazing. I have standard walks every week but when I call for last minute walks they are always accommodating. I honestly would never trust anyone with my dog the way that I trust Dina and her team. I know that he is always safe and taken care of with them.

Nicole G. says: (7/19/2014)

Dina has been walking our pup Parker for a long time and has gone above and beyond to give him a nice break during the day. She is extremely flexible to my constantly changing schedule. She offers a very fair price and treats Parker like he was her own dog. I appreciate the updates on his time with her and Dina and her team are always giving me info on any change in his attitude or habits. I would recommend Liberty Walkers to anyone who needs someone to check in on their pets. They are a loving and very trustworthy group.

Melissa F. says: (7/19/2014)

Dina and her fellow walker Kate have been walking our dog Buckle for the past several months (he is only 11 months) and they are beyond incredible. So flexible with mine and my boyfriend's crazy schedule... late night, early afternoon, no matter what we need, they are there to hang out, walk, snuggle and feed our pup. Knowing they are with him gives my boyfriend and I much peace of mind. He is such a spoiled little turd and loves when Auntie Dina and Auntie Kate are there to hang out. If you want a dog walker who will love your animals as much as you do, you have to use Liberty. They are the best!!!

Dawn R. says: (12/7/2013)

Dina is my animal au pair!  I call her for both my dog & my cat- she loves them, and they both love her! It breaks my heart a little to put my job before my pets, but sometimes you have to, and I'm really glad that I can call Dina to take care of my pets when I can't be there.  I trust her infinitely in my home, and I know that my pets couldn't be in better hands. I call her last minute quite frequently, and she can accommodate my requests most of the time.  She walks the dog, plays with the cat, cleans the litter box, feeds the pets & give medication when requested, freshens the water, everything that I could ask. I so appreciate having her and I hope she never leaves Astoria!

Alisa K. says: (6/17/2013)

I love this company!  They are responsible, very friendly, accommodating walkers, who treat your dog as if he/she were their own - they feed and water your pets, and give them a little extra TLC.  Plus, they're affordable than most, and are often available at the last minute! They are totally trustworthy and dependable - my highest recommendations!

Sue C. says: (4/17/2013)

I have never met anyone who loves animals more than Dina, and I can NOT imagine leaving my cats in the care of anyone else. From the moment she is with them they are extremely cared for and loved and they don't want her to leave. In fact, I think they miss her more than they miss me! She is consistent, thorough, stays a while and feeds/ cleans litter but also sits and plays and spends quality time with them. This is priceless. She puts animals before almost anything and to see her devotion to others' animals is a lesson in true passion for her job and selflessness. (I think she would do this job for free...! But deserves so much more than what she is asking) I would recommend her and trust her to all my friends' and family's pets.

Heather F. says: (10/18/2013)

Dina, Maggie and Marcy are great!  They are always flexible with my crazy schedule.  And are so kind to my little bulldog pup.  T-Bone loves them, and I never feel guilty leaving him because I know he will be in good hands.